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Home Offering


Home computers are becoming more prevalent as the need for information increases.  Today the home computer is an essential part of family life for a home business, homework assignments, filing tax returns, on-line banking and looking up that favorite recipe on the Internet.  Along with the access to the Internet come several dangers such as identity theft and other SCAMS, which could lead to financial loss, virus infection and poor system performance.  Complete Computer Service can show you how to protect your computing environment from all of these threats.


Is your system running slow? CALL US

Is your system protected by a firewall?  CALL US

Do you have anti virus protection?  Is it up date?  CALL US 

Would you like to have the convenience of a wireless network but don’t know where to start? CALL US

Is your wireless network secure?  CALL US


Have Complete Computer Service visit your home and perform our 9 point  “Health Check” special on your machine for $59.99.


The  “Health Check” includes:


  • Adware scan
  • Spyware scan
  • Anti virus software check
  • Router configuration and security check
  • Purge obsolete temporary files
  • Delete expired cookies
  • Verify Internet speed
  • Check security updates
  • Examine system startup and remove unnecessary program files






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