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Smart Sourcing – the new computer maintenance repair model for small business.


Large companies are handling the expense of maintaining their computer operations by out sourcing administrative and maintenance tasks.  Today’s small businesses require a new computer and support model, which we like to call “smart sourcing”.  Under this new maintenance model, small business owners can take advantage of leading-edge technology expertise by contracting with Complete Computer Service and eliminating the burden of trying to juggle the management of your business with the responsibility of being the company’s computer expert.


Occasionally, small businesses hire “casual” repair personnel to service their computers and networks (their nephew, neighbor, etc.) only to find them unavailable when there is a network or computer emergency.  Complete Computer Service’s small business maintenance contracts are one way to guarantee that your business has the very best computer support available to you whenever you need it.  A Complete Computer Service maintenance plan will help you reduce your out-of-pocket emergency expenses by providing a preventative maintenance plan designed to uncover problem areas and schedule repair in a cost-effective manner, avoiding outages that result in frustration as well as lost revenue.  Most importantly, our maintenance plans provide you with a cohesive, structured and coordinated effort toward problem prevention and resolution.


Our maintenance plans can be structured for any size business.  Don’t wait; contact us at for more details.


Non-Emergency Services - may include but are not limited to the following:


  • Consultation

  • Network diagramming and documentation

  • High-speed Internet link design and planning

  • Disaster Recovery planning

  • Training

  • Network design, installation, configuration and repair firewalls, routers, switches, wireless networks, wired networks

  • Server installation, configuration, repair and upgrades

  • PC system installation, repair, rebuilds and upgrades

  • Operating system upgrades and emergency patch installation

  • Application software installation and upgrades

  • PC system recovery, planning

  • Server recovery, planning

  • E-mail installation, configuration, migration and maintenance

  • Anti Virus software installation and maintenance

  • Ad ware detection/blocking software installation, configuration, and maintenance

  • Spy ware detection/blocking software installation, configuration, and maintenance

  • Backup system planning, design, installation, configuration, maintenance and testing

  • Troubleshooting Network, PC system, server, applications and communications

  • Preventative Maintenance


Emergency Services - may include but are not limited to the following:


  • Troubleshooting

  • PC system Recovery

  • Server Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery


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